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Automation of Genomic Data Analysis Using Advanced Cloud Component

The gradual evolution of the biological sciences has yielded significant advancements in next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, such as Whole Genome Sequencing, RNA Sequencing, and Whole Exome Sequencing. These cutting-edge methods generate voluminous datasets that demand robust computational resources for their analysis and processing. As the computational complexity of these tasks continues to rise, executing sequential procedures on a single workstation becomes increasingly arduous, often leading to unreasonably prolonged turnaround times. Cloud computing offers a promising strategy to overcome the computational obstacles associated with the analysis of NGS data in this context.

Circulants provides tailored solutions for the construction and personalization of automated pipelines through cloud services, applicable to all forms of sequencing data. This approach accelerates the delivery of outcomes to our clients, eliminating the need for any manual intervention.

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