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Platform CR+

Improve your Clinical Trials Management with the Circulants Platform CR+

A cloud based application designed to help you manage your clinical trials more effectively.
  • Robust data lake driving faster decision process
  • Embedded quality controls
  • Strong access management controls
  • Validated SAS cloud setup
  • Powerful query management platform
  • Maximize the value of your clinical trials


Make better, faster data driven decisions related to clinical trials

Combine, store and access your clinical trials data from all sources in one secure location.
Upload, view and download clinical data files using an intuitive file manager UI or integrate with systems via APIs for automatic data transfer.
Define and conduct automated data quality checks on all incoming data.
Easily define and manage access to sensitive clinical trial data within the platform.
Utilize customizable and easily configurable reports to generate insights and keep a tight tab on your clinical trials.
Easily create, review and post queries within the platform or post queries directly into other systems such as RAVE EDC.
Easily convert data to CDISC standards such as SDTM. Use analytics software such as R and SAS to perform analytics on your data. 
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