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We at Circulants have developed the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Gene editing data analysis of clinical research data for our pharmaceutical clients. We have standardized the bioinformatics and clinical tools for analyzing clinical, non-clinical, and translational data.

Circulants provides highly recommended analytic tools catering to various genomic requirement driven by opensource technology. It includes the most cited tools for quality control, genome mapping, variation calling and annotation as well as gene quantification and differential expression analysis.

Our IT architectural experts deployed state-of-the-art technologies such as Big Data and Data Lake and developed Clinical Data Management and Analytics capabilities in our proprietary “Platform ‘O’ and Circulant Navigator” suite.



  • Standardized & Customized Analysis
  • Analytic Benchmarking Process
  • User-friendly Data submission & Retrieval
  • WGS, Gene Editing DNA & Targeted DNA Seq Data Analysis
  • Gene & Seq Expression Analysis
  • Data Evaluation, Data Annotation, Data Validation & Predictive Modelling
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