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Circulants offers a comprehensive set of consulting services built on decades of experience helping pharmaceutical companies address commercial challenges.

Circulants experienced strategic and technical advisers help you address your end-to-end commercial needs. We are skilled at assessing market challenges and deploying advanced analytical techniques to uncover insights from data and identify untapped opportunities for your sales teams. With Circulants talented and versatile professionals in your corner, you’ll be able to maximize your sales efforts.

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Commercial Operation Support

Circulants’ shared resource engagement model uses only those skills that are required.

Our global delivery model strikes a balance of onsite support and offshore resources for an effective and cost-efficient approach.


Commercial Data Warehouse

Organizations are facing increasing demands from market changes and shifts in the way products are sold and distributed. There is an impetus to pair business needs with innovative technologies and solutions like cloud computing and mobile applications to help reduce costs and increase profits by integrating business requirements with technology.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Pharma commercial department deals with data from various sources and effective data management are a critical stepping stone for successful commercial operations.


CRM Rollout And Support

Most organization don’t need full-time Veeva resources to manage application once it’s implemented. Circulant offers shared, expert and certified Veeva resources so that clients can get the best quality services at an affordable cost.

B/I Analytics

Implementation with client specific business rules takes about 8 to 10 weeks. During project initiation, our team brings builtin data model, connectors with known data sources, standard reports and pre-built data quality framework thus cuts down implementation time and cost by about 50%


Segmentation and Targeting

The cloud based-platform ensures high availability, reliability, flexibility, nimbleness, scalability and efficiency while ensuring security and integration with other downstream systems. When Physicians are busy and many companies are bringing drugs to markets more innovatively, Pharma companies are compelled to use new ways of identifying their target accounts. Our team bring additional dimensions to traditional decile based targeting exercise.


Intelligent Process Automation

Circulants intelligent process automation (IPA) practice is built on expertise in complex enterprise automation solutions focused on driving operational efficiency, reducing costs, increasing revenue and improving UX/satisfaction scores. Our focus is on the positive impact of automation to your business. With an experienced bench of resources, Circulants can provide a variety of services tailored to meet your organization’s automation objectives.


Managed Cloud Services

Circulants provide Managed Cloud Services to allow businesses to tap into the power of cloud computing without digging into or becoming an expert of technology. This allows companies to focus on their core business — on building new products and landing new customers. They can stay fast and lean, rather than having to swell payroll with additional ops engineers and system administrators and other experts to manage IT that doesn’t differentiate their company.

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